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Yoga Coast Begins Coasting...

It has been a while… The last time I posted I was in Tasmania writing on my lounge room floor, sun shining, doors open and the afternoon sea breeze drifting in from the River. I was a couple of units into my Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda studies and working full-time managing and teaching at my local yoga studio, HoriZEN. Single. Life was good.

Now… I am in a sleeping bag, hot water bottle on my belly, in the middle of South Australia, starring out of my van window at Aussie bushland with a hint of red dirt just like you see in the movies. I am unemployed and do not occupy my house. And… I have not been studying. Not single. Life is good.

Just a few major life changes in the space of 7 months… Why? Because my intuition and heart told me so.

I knew that studying and working full-time was not going to be sustainable long-term. It was eat, sleep, work, study ~ repeat. The sleep part of this sequence was definitely lacking. I know many people operate like this for years to achieve their goal. But this whole process was extremely hypocritical to the content of my studies and the aligned spark the wisdom and guidance of Ayurveda was igniting in me as to how we can live a balanced, purposeful life full of vitality and longevity. How society structures life in the West is wild and so out of touch that I knew I had to make change. If this was the path I truly wanted to go down, I not only needed to be living from such guidance for the sake of my own health and happiness but I wanted to be embodying what I so passionately need to share with others.

The first paragraph of this blog was a reality I had dreamed of living and worked really hard for for so long. And it was just as sweet as I imagined, life truly was good but this reality was a stepping stone to something much greater. Ever since I was young I wanted to travel. Freedom and truly feeling free in your heart is something I highly value, but have never been in a position to embrace completly. This, by some sort of choice of course. I believe create my own reality. It just so happens I can't ignore my heart and settle for a reality that isn't my absolute Truth. Blessing (always) and a curse (many moments of whyyyy Bridie whyyyyy).

Through many years of self discipline, committing myself and doing all that needed to be done to put myself into the position I am today, I trusted. There was always something in me that knew everything was happening for a reason… all is unfolding as it should… you are exactly where you need to be. The words that always bring me back down to earth.

So with that knowing, I knew it was time to do the one wild thing I had always visualised that made the least amount of sense to my brain and society. And made full and total sense to my heart and my nervous system. I gave my resignation, rented out my house, paused my studies and began the preparation to align on my hearts next path. To create space and freedom to live a lifestyle in balance to my true nature and Mother Nature and do all I can to share it with others.

It's funny and so very true that once you surrender to your heart and align with that level of vibration… everything happens at once. The universe truly does start working with you and of course throws in a few extra things to up level you just a little… One being a man who offered to share a mango on the beach. Again, I trusted and listened to my heart. Every good story has a twist.

Through this transition every piece of self discipline, routine and practice I had, felt like it got thrown in the washing machine and torn to shreds. It took me a while but I again, surrendered. Knowing it was a process I needed to go through to set sail. I also acknowledged that we are not always in a position in life where incorporating some form of consistency is possible. A valuable learning for when I know, I will one day be helping others with their lifestyle through Ayurveda.

Over the past 7 months I was shown and given nothing but support from my friends, family and community. That support means more to me than I can explain. It was the fuel I needed to have the courage to jump of what feels like a cliff. That support and love helped to cement that knowing that I would not fall, but fly. That beautiful island Tasmania, so fittingly heart shaped forms my wings. That is why this urge deep inside has been and felt so different from many peoples stories setting off to travel. Often it comes from a need or want to escape. A want to never have to return.

Right now I can't really explain my why much more or my plan. I just knew I had to do it. Not to run away at all. I felt my heart stretching like a rubber band the further away I drove from mango man and my home. But at the same time those stretchy strings were in tune and singing. I am honestly excited for the day I get to settle back into my home, but I do know the Bridie that settles back there is bringing more than herself home.

So, with a few weeks of annual leave up my sleeve I'm treating this first part of the process as a holiday. I'm adjusting to living in Freedom and letting the last 8 months and well… years land and to reflect and release what is not needed. And after that, I am just as intrigued as you are. For once in my life I have no grand plan. Because this time I am conscious enough to understand that this plan as magnificent as I'm sure it is, is certainly not all mine… But, however things begin to ebb and flow and as the contracted synchronicities come in, I will be asking from my mental, emotional and physical body and most of all my heart as to how I will respond.

For now and always, I invite you to practice the same deep listening. And know that I am here to help you out and strengthen your wings if you feel the need. It truly is from a balanced place of over-all health and wellbeing that we can hear, sense, and see (metaphorically) so much clearer. I looked forward to hearing loud and clear, I hope you do to.

I intend to share the parts of my adventure here as I feel needed. Nearly two weeks and there sure are some stories to tell!

Cheers to surrender, freedom, flying annnnd happy holidays!

Much love, Bridie. xoxo I give gratitude and respect to the land owners from where this blog was written. Adnyamathanha (hills or rock) people, thank you for having me.

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