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PART FOUR | The World Is Your Oyster

So Hum. I Am. Fast forward 2 years and here I am. Laying on the lounge room floor in my lil riverside temple. Managing and teaching Yoga full-time at HoriZEN Studio. And studying my Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda. Surrounded by the most supportive, compassionate and simply the BEST friends, family and community. Feeling more like my true Self than ever with a whole lot of love to give and an openness to receive. I am feeling an ever growing pull of my intuition to explore, be free and share my world of an oyster because the world is yours too and I want nothing more than us to be able to experience it from a state of peace, balance and good health.

2021 was a pivotal point of unravelling and shifting through what layers of life I'd suppressed unknowingly. But that's the hideously, glorious thing about yoga. Wether you choose to practice for your strength, flexibility and general health, overtime it becomes unavoidable that the ancient practice is in fact a spiritual one. It is designed to unravel all of the shit that we consciously or unconsciously hold onto. Because that is in fact, the core base of our health and well-being. Dis-ease in the mind creates dis-ease in the body. And when we are suffering mentally or physically, we are not truly living.

The more I came to learn, I knew all of the inner turmoils I was feeling would one day make me ill. It already was in its first point of imbalance within my gut. I spent 2021 completely sober and have began my journey into living in rhythm with my true nature through the Ayurvedic teachings and principles. 2021 began an ever-going journey of healing and learning the art of being. It's opened my eyes to how out of whack our lifestyles have become and for what? I truly believe that if we choose to find our individual balanced state and come to know and accept ourselves fully, come to know what it is our body is signalling to us, come to know our tendencies, habits and thought patterns. That is when we live in a world of peace. That is when war ends, suicide is un-heard of, greed is history and the planet that is drowning will flourish once again for the benefit and support of all life.

It's not easy to acknowledge or speak allowed those parts of you and memories you never wanted to see again. But is it easier to live in a false reality with a feeling of no escape and being misunderstood? Is it easier to maintain a facade of being fine in order to not make others uncomfortable or fear of what others will think? It's bizarre this world we live in. We all have layers, we all have past trauma and no-ones experiences are less relevant than the others no matter the degree. Our energetic system is only as strong as its experiences. One degree of trauma may emotionally feel just as distressing to another's horrific circumstance. So we suppress and suppress in a state of unworthiness. If we come from a space of compassion not only for others but for ourselves we can be free. We find answers to everything when we see others and feel seen ourselves.

I am human. It's a humbling adventure to explore the spiritual and it is also humbling to live in the physical that we can tangibly participate in. Ayurveda teaches us that too perfect is also toxic. I am not here to reach enlightenment. I want to experience a joyous balance of indulging the senses. I love and enjoy all of the things that bring us pleasure but as I continue to learn from ancient wisdom I choose my pleasure from a state of balance, listening, self acknowledgment and with intention. Every day is a lesson I never want to take for granted. I am ready to be seen and invite you to feel supported too.

So if you've made it this far through a very fast forwarded and rounded up story of mostly the darker parts of my life, I thank you for listening. I know from sharing some parts of my perspective my tummy will be in knots and my palms will be sweaty. But it's often those events that shape us the most. I wouldn't be practicing what I preach if I left my shell closed. We only see the pearl of the oyster when it's opened. But also know that there are times when the shell must remain closed safely in order for the beauty to grow. No matter what stage you are at in creating your pearly white existence with organic grooves and the odd scratches, know that you are not alone, you are supported and nature works in perfectly imperfect cycles. It is true that we are always exactly where we need to be, we just have to give ourselves permission to embody all of it because yaaah… the ugly is ugly but far out it is so worth it for the breath taking beauty of this life in all its rawness of unconditional love when we choose to accept and see it.

I am nervous, uplifted and excited to have you join me on my journey of word vomiting, adventures. learnings and experiences. There will be no structure to this journal. No specific days I will post. No specific topics or structures. What you read will be a spontaneous jumble of where I am at. Some days I am sure I will wake up and cringe about it but I trust that what I feel is necessary to share in the moment is needed.

Soooo here's to life, love, a whole lot of laughter and the truest of good-times.

All the love and support to you, Bridie PEARL Young.

A.ka Brido, B-dizzle, B-rides, Brides, Aunty Bri Bri, Bub, Brizzle Bruv, Pearl. And to think I went through primary school dissappointed I'd never receive a nickname with name Bridie… 🙏🌞✨🌱🧘‍♀️🌻🐚

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