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PART THREE | I found Yoga.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I found yoga and meditation. I grew up dancing and it was never a competitive love for me, yet a love in moving my body. It was expressive movement that made me feel the greatest freedom. I was always intrigued by yoga and practiced in my lounge room on the odd occasion in hope I'd end up looking as fit as the online instructors and have the same flexibility... but I had never been to a yoga class in a studio.

At the end of year 12 I began working as a hairdresser full-time. My boss who was like a second Mum to me, as a work bonus, signed me up to a yoga membership in the most stunning studio near the salon. I remember my first class and laying in Savasana at the end. My whole body alive and buzzing. I had just experienced a dance like no other. I felt whole and complete. I felt like me.

I had to know more and why this practice gave me the sensations and feelings it did. Why did the whole world not know about this? I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Where every feeling, sensation and inner knowing I had never been able to express got put into the realm of words. The universe expanded for me and as the universe does, it has continued to expand ever since. How could such ancient wisdom not be understood and practiced as second nature. My whole view of the world and our over consuming, materialistic life in the West got shaken and thrown upside down. My understanding of Western medicine leaving me feeling disappointed, frustrated and confused.

I had to share and let the practice of yoga touch anyone who would express interest and seek.

Not only did my view of the world get shaken and thrown upside down. The view of my life did. Growing up I always wanted to be a hairdresser. I was going to do it for the rest of my life and I was going to do it big! I lied to myself throughout my last 3 years of styling. It was no longer a passion. And throughout my yoga training I honestly began to resent it. The culture was not me. Not the truest version of me I was finally journeying into. I have always been one to make choices to make others happy. I loved my boss and my work mates. But everything in my being could not let me continue, it was suffocating.

During this time I had my first Clairvoyant reading with a dear friend of mine. It was over video call and she began the session in laughter telling me how I had visited her in her dreams the previous night. I was standing in large oyster shells and being silly moving them around "Saying look at this! Look at this now!" and jumping from one to another. "So... no idea what that means, but take what you will from it". She said with more giggles.

My local gym during my YTT simultaneously had plans to extend and build a yoga studio and were putting their feelers out for a Manager. The owner knew of my interest in yoga and initially encouraged me to do my training. At this stage in my life I was building a house on a block of land I had purchased years earlier. I was always a little stressed about money as I had dreamed about building my own home for sometime. I never let the shock and words of others doubt that this young 20 year old WOMAN could accomplish this "Without a partner!?" they would say. To me it was already built… because I had faith in the universe and walked through every single room in my meditations on the regular.

It was from this trust I spent all of my savings to enrol in my Yoga Teacher Training and didn't have one regret about it as it left my bank account.

I was still undergoing my YTT when the owner of the gym emailed me on my salon lunch break. She offered me the job to Manager the yoga studio. My ticket out of those suffocating, chemical filled walls that were dampening my light. I cried, panicked a little for my belief in my ability to actually take on that role and lost my jaw when I read the last line of her email as I connected back to my clairvoyant reading just a few months prior.

"The world is your oyster".

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