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Not Just a Thought

Do you remember how it felt to believe in magic? As a young child full of dreams, can you remember that feeling of being ecstatic, enthusiastic and passionate about what it was you truly believed to be real? Santa Claus, fairies, your imaginary friend or all of the incredible life experiences and jobs you were going to have as an adult. Not only did you believe in the magic you could not see, you could see the magic in everything around you. It’s generally easier to tap back into the feeling such fantasies would endorse in you. But it is a struggle to remember the experience of the beauty and magic you first saw in everything you were exposed to. Unsure of what I’m trying to say? The next time you are with a child below the age of, let’s say 6 years old... study them. Play with them outside, cook with them, dance with them and listen. They question everything. They question everything until the only answer you can give them is source. That which is greater than us. God. Whatever it is you like to call it. Pure "magic". And to them, that answer is everything. It aligns with them, lights them up and fuels their enthusiasm and passions even more. This world is magic.

But now you’re an adult. You know what it’s like to live in the ‘real world’. You couldn’t possibly follow that insane fantasy you used to have. Or if you’re sometimes ridiculous, you allow yourself to drift off into that fantasy of an ideal life for you. But we all know it just wouldn’t work or be possible. You need a job to survive. A family to either care for or please. Rules to follow to be practical. Social engagements and social media posts to scroll through and engage with. Appointments to attended. Meals to cook, houses to clean and if you’re lucky, sleep or maybe a getaway but even then, is it worth the stress of organising a holiday? There’s no time at all. There is just no time in the day spare to fantasise like a child... At what point did you lose your spark? How many layers of the outer world did it take to consume your imagination and suffocate your spark to not just have the ability to dream, but in your minds eye live and play out all of those beautiful beliefs that you could only fathom to occur through a source of magic?

Perspective You’re in a loop. You’re in a condition loop of life. Your imagination got giggled at and adored as sweetness. Your universal questions got brushed off and ignored in frustration. Just as those who giggled at you, had been giggled at. Just as those who brushed you off, ignored and shooed you away had been shooed and ignored. Your desire to play and explore got boxed into a schedule. Your fantasies lighting up your heart expressed in story, cut short as you were forced to eat when you weren’t even hungry. Just as they too had been boxed to a schedule and told to finish their plate. And now, just as you too giggle at the little ones, shoo away, hurry them along from one thing to another and limit their imagination in fear they will get hurt if their dreams don't manifest. It's less scary to play it safe. You begin and partake in the next cycled loop of a conditioned perspective.

Do you believe in magic? I do. And I’d like to believe… I am an adult. I, Bridie Pearl Young, do believe in magic...




1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or super-natural forces.

"suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open"

…the dictionary “apparently” doesn’t even have faith in magic. Do you?

Think About It

You are reading this in a body, a body that has housed you for many years. A body that you don’t need to ask to move you, breathe you, keep your heart beating, heal wounds and fight disease. A body that lives on a large spinning ball home to other living creatures and incredible systems. A ball that spins in space surrounded by other spinning balls of fire. A space that is infinite. Universe after universe. Eternal space.

But wait… you who are reading this… who "is" you? It’s not the body that you are reading from that makes you, you. It is not the mind and the process of the thoughts and information. You are the awareness that listens and observes those thoughts. You are a soul. But who put you here? Into your specific body, on this specific ball in a physical realm that is infinite at this specific time in space? Mind. Blowing. When you truly think about everything it is we experience here on earth, as a human being.

This experience is so deep, so genius and so beautiful if you open your mind. Really stop and see the world for the first time again. Like when your spark was clear of any other circumstances beyond your body. Before you knew what a tree was. What the ocean was. The name of a bird or a butterfly. If you were to look outside now, and not label a single piece of nature. Simply look at the sky without calling it a sky. We are living in a real-life wonderland. Your reality is already a fantasy. Your current reality is true and within the definition of magic. Events influenced by a force. Everything in existence is influenced by a force greater than us.



  1. 1.

strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

"he was thrown backwards by the force of the explosion"

Energy A force is the movement of energy. Energy moves as a vibrational frequency. Everything in this universe is energy, emitting a vibrational frequency. Even objects which seem to not be moving… e.g. A Chair has a vibration. There are different levels of vibrational frequencies from high vibrations to low vibrations. Why are we discussing energy in a blog about thoughts? This is where it gets magical. You my friend, emit a vibrational frequency. Why should this excite you? Because like attracts like.

It’s A Vibe I love this description I once heard to explain how us as human beings, have our own individual vibration. Each of us emits a certain frequency and we transmit that frequency like a radio. For example, when we set the channel of the radio to a certain point (of focus) it attunes and attracts what ever sound waves that resonate with that frequency.

When we set our channel to a certain point of focus, we too attract what resonates at the same frequency… as the saying goes, like attracts like.

Majority of us can't "see" someone's vibe. But we can 100% all sense it. If you were in a dark room you would be able to sense if you were not alone. You would also be able to sense if your company was good or bad. I'm sure you all know someone you would describe as having a "great vibe"… as well as someone who is quite the "bad vibe". As another saying goes… your vibe attracts your tribe. But did you know, your vibe also attracts the unfolding of your life… that your own frequency attracts your greatest dreams and desires to you?

Your high vibrations... We've all been on long drives and know how touchy setting the radio channel can be. Changing environments, wrong turns, flat batteries and storms can interfere with the frequency.

Think of your life as one very long adventure. One biiiig road trip. Can you see where I'm going?

Maintaining a high, stable vibe is easier said than done. We too have externals which interfere with our frequency. BUT with awareness, we can control how we react to it. We can watch our thoughts, sit with our thoughts and reassemble our thoughts. When the storm comes we don't drive head on into it and lose our signal completely. We take cover. We find somewhere we feel safe and let our loved ones know where we are and sit within the storm until it passes. When we take a wrong turn, we sense we are lost but we pause, re-assess and find a new road to lead us back in alignment with our map. The road that excites us, inspires and uplifts us, the road that aligns and sets us free on our way.

Not Just A Thought

Your thoughts are not just thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are pure awareness.

However, when you are not aware of the quality and quantity of your thoughts, you are not in control of the frequency of background noise like mind-chatter. Each and every thought has a frequency. This frequency effects your physical body as well as your mental, spiritual and your vibration as a whole.

Do you feel you lack abundance? Have you ever paid attention as to wether the stories within your mind reflect that?

"I am so poor". "I can't afford that." "I bet this bill is going to be huge". "I wish I had as many friends as he/she has."

If you focus on all of the things you do have, you can afford, what you have saved and those close friends you do have… like attracts like… Awareness of what abundance you already have attracts more abundance...

Become aware of your vibration and wether it is internal or external influences that are in effect when you're feeling like a "bad" vibe. Separate yourself from your thoughts and take whatever phone call, new turn, directional advice, intuitive advice you need to adjust the channel or re-align back to the frequency of your desired station.

Not just a thought…

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